The Equipo Way


EQUIPO CLASSIC for extraordinary value:  Consummate planning.  Experiences to be embraced.  Accessible pricing to put more cycling and hiking explorers on the path with us.

EQUIPO SELECT for expanded options: Elevated accommodations.  Group concierge services.  Meaningful value when days away are themselves rare and fleeting.

EQUIPO SIGNATURE for personalized exploration:  Tailored itineraries.  Intimate cultural encounters. Enhanced concierge and guide staffing to achieve more with every mile and minute.

EQUIPO PERFORMANCE for accomplishing goals: Outcome-focused schedules. Obsessive time management led by subject matter experts. Enhanced digital media and personal technology options.



The Way of Connection.  It is why we believe in Equipo.

How many chances to do we get to affect a country, a culture and environment without detracting from its history?  Or to celebrate the people we encounter and stand with them economically?  Or simply elevate our thinking by immersing ourselves in the new and wondrous?

The Way of Professionalism. It is the standard we set for ourselves.

Members of the Equipo Team have demonstrated their individual strengths in diverse companies and organizations around the world.  Their belief in the Equipo Way unites them in passion and purpose. The ability to deploy such talented women and men to serve clients is a both a privilege  and a promise.

The Way of Anticipation.  It is the road we travel with you.

Not only as we plan our cycling or hiking exploration together. But as we adjust moment-by-moment to each guest’s desires, daily goals and unique personality.  When we do this, singular experiences reveal themselves.  And become memories of inestimable value.

The Way of Service.  It is our promise to you.

From bikes that sparkle each morning to restaurants of unparalleled hospitality. Accommodations selected for restorative sleep to roads chosen for their startling beauty. We ride and hike together to guide you in a way that reflects our gratitude.

The Way of Change. It is why we believe in Equipo.

How many chances to do we get to affect a country, a culture and environment without detracting from its  history? Or to celebrate the people we encounter and stand with them economically? Or simply elevate our thinking by immersing ourselves in the new and wondrous?



Exert.  Explore. Restore.

EXERT and achieve tangible, meaningful fitness goals.  From simply riding or hiking every day to conquering a world-renown climb on a bike,  there’s no stopping Equipo travelers from personal achievement.  That’s because the locations hand-picked by the Team – Colombia, Spain and Colorado – are recognized for their multi-sport vitality.  And geographic features that permit both moderate and extreme daily and weekly athletic efforts. Always in stunning settings.

EXPLORE and deepen your connection with extraordinary places and people.  Once again, Equipo’s intimate knowledge of diverse environments and cultural traditions opens the door for travelers.  Rather than hoping to gain new insight during a hectic itinerary, guides in Colombia, Spain and Colorado embed each day with beautiful experiences.  There for you to capture, remember and share back at home for years to come.

RESTORE and regain a balanced perspective on life. Is visiting an incredible place, pushing you a little harder and meeting new friends something outside of “real life?” Or, in fact, is traveling your special time to become more grounded, more aware? With sustaining food, the most comfortable lodgings and amenities that delight, an Equipo trip creates moments you’ll embrace.  With enough relaxed energy and time to reflect and go forward in life with a greater sense of wonder.  Along with ever-present gratitude.



-CLEAR, TRIP-SPECIFIC ITINERARIES that empower each guest to embrace the destination well beyond the enthralling cycling experience = confidence to explore

-ATTENTIVE, RESPONSIVE GUIDES and ride assistants to travel well-maintained roads with superior mechanical, nutritional and hydration support = freedom to ride

-TESTED AND APPROVED ACCOMODATIONS including lodgings and restaurants that focus on quality, consistency and personal safety = days and nights to savor

-FLEXIBLE DAILY SCHEDULES that adjust for the fitness level and goals of each guest = ability to release anxiety

-OFF-BIKE CONNECTIONS with women and men advancing the distinctive history, culture, environment, cuisine and economy of their region = memories to make



The best way to better the world is to better yourself. Here are some of our guiding principles:

A greater cultural awareness leads to understanding and peace.

We believe balanced and active people result in more productive, high performing individuals bettering themselves and the world.

We support communities that value the equality and advancement of girls and women.

We believe in investing in local communities to stimulate community economic development.

We believe in ‘team’ (EQUIPO); that the local people are the experts who identify their priorities and objectives. Together we work to support locally driven initiatives designed by the community and for the community to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We support non-profits which aim to promote peace building, local investment and the equality of girls and women.

Through active and adventure travel, performance coaching and cross-cultural exchange, we bring together socially minded, driven, health and fitness-minded travelers to experience themselves as braver, bolder, and stronger.



Bienvenidos a Equipo, an active travel company.

Your Adventure – Your Team – Your Equipo

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Equipo designs and delivers unforgettably authentic, active experiences. Our team of pros embrace travel and adventure as an integral part of life’s journey and firmly believe that a fundamental part of that journey is pursuing your passions and realizing your goals–no matter their size.

The expertise and passion in each of our destinations is what sets us apart from run-of-the-mill trips. It enables us to set the bar for what it means to be Equipo: your team.

Active Experiences for all Levels

Everything we do reflects our commitment to providing transformative experiences that empower travelers to reach new heights. In doing this, we’re committed to offering active options suited for all walks of life and all people, especially women. Our clients range from experienced endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, triathletes, trekkers) to groups of lifelong friends looking to reconnect away from life’s hectic work-life whirlwind.

Equipo offers a range of tour levels that will raise the bar on what you thought you could accomplish. And we do it at an exceptional value. We specialize in custom tours so let us know where your spirit drives you. We can make it happen.

Becoming a Better You. Connect – Learn – Discover

Committing to an active lifestyle means you know the value of adventure, nature, and physical and mental health. It’s all part of becoming the best version of you. Adventure travel expands your worldview, adds perspective by connecting with other cultures, transforms and challenges you. We slow things down to relish the moments and explore our senses.

How We Started

Equipo culminates from my life-long passion in exploring people and places. As an Indian New Yorker, my early exposure to diversity led to purpose as a volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps in Lesotho, Sub Saharan Africa, and this has helped form our mission through creating immersive and experiential adventures.

I have spent most of my career in corporate and tech, which came with even more time overseas than home, especially in Colombia.  Each journey has grown my understanding of the world and my place in it.  And the collaborative team at Equipo from the tour director, guides and coaches, embodies this mission to deliver an exceptional service.

Where We Explore

There is a lot of focus for us now in Colombia, as a stand-out destination in the Andes.  We also have new active experiences in other mountain playgrounds, including the Front Range: The Way of the Mountains, a cycling tour in Colorado and  a spectacular mult-sport tour from the Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca.  After operating namely cycling tours since 2014, we had this hunch that there’s more to do than just ride a bike, so we expanded into more activities and plan more destinations as we go.  We hope you stay connected as we expand and look forward to planning your next adventure.


Anisha Ghoghari

Founder & CEO


From The Field