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Based in Boulder, Colorado, Equipo delivers unforgettably authentic and value-driven experiences in the United States, Colombia, and Spain. Our team of pros embrace travel and adventure as an integral part of life's journey and firmly believe that a fundamental part of that journey is pursuing your passions and realizing your goals - no matter their size.


The Way of Elevation

The altitude, always the altitude.  With each day in Colorado’s Front Range, you’ve grown stronger in spite of (or perhaps because of) the climbing.

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The Way of Excellence

The mix of pulsing sea coast, remote mountain forests, ancient fortresses and vibrant culture find a place in your day.  And heart.

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Athletes in search of next-level results will find wise mentoring from their Equipo team.

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Have you wondered what it’s like to ride with guides who have won stages in the Tour de France, or ride in a country where cycling is king, or unwind in a beautiful hacienda… 
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Andrew Newman


The Way of History

Few places bring together ancient history, unspoiled landscapes and a tradition of cycling as profoundly as Boyaca.

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The Way of Cycling

The weather here is alluring in every season, with lush vegetation, ever-present bird life and hidden springs revealing themselves at the side of mountain roads.

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What a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for all of your organization, riding, humor, etc., etc., you provided to our gang throughout the week on our Ultimate Challenge.
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Sean P. Colgan