We encourage all travelers to purchase Travel Insurance to protect their financial investment. Travel insurance includes coverage for cycling trip cancellation, interruption, delays, and baggage. Find out more about Trip Insurance

Equipo and our suppliers strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy for public and private tour departures and will make no exceptions.

Please note the following details regarding the Equipo Cancellation Policy:

  • Tour price includes anything purchased from Equipo directly as part of your cycling tour, including single
  • Guests who fail to provide a signed Release of Liability prior to tour departure will not be allowed
    to join the cycling tour and the cancellation policy will apply.
  • Equipo reserves the right to cancel any cycling tour at any time for any reason. On the rare occasion
    when Equipo must cancel a tour, all tour payments received to date will be refunded, which constitutes full settlement.
  • Equipo is not responsible for any personal expenses incurred due to changes in itineraries or cycling tour cancellations, such as prepaid hotel accommodations or airline tickets. We recommend confirming your cycling tour with Equipo before making travel arrangements that might be non-refundable as well as purchasing travel insurance.
  • Luxury cycling tours, custom cycling tours & private cycling tour packages may be subject to different terms and conditions as outlined in the final proposal.


We are happy to accommodate date changes following the policy below when there is space available on the tour you wish to change to and it does not mandate cancellation of the tour currently reserved. In the event of a date change, the traveler must pay any increase in tour price and will not be refunded if the new tour price is less than the original tour price. Only one date change is only allowed per reservation.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Equipo reserves the right to make date, route and hotel modifications as needed. Every effort is made to keep changes to a minimum and our high quality is always maintained. For example, if we don’t foresee optimum road conditions for Equipo’s tour on a particular day, we will make adjustments to look for the best route for the group’s enjoyment and overall safety.


Our Equipo tour coordinators take special care to recommend the best external travel organizations and properties for our guests. However, Equipo does not guarantee these services and is not liable for issues that may arise during use. Nowadays, it is simple to book one’s travel online with many online travel agencies, including Expedia, Orbitz and individual airline companies. Equipo will gladly take the time to share best route suggestions to arrive in a specific date and city for our tour, but will leave the booking to the travel agents.


Travelers between the ages of 16-18 can join as a cyclist on our public tours, only if they are joining with a guardian and have a high fitness level. Contact us if you may be traveling with children who are not participating in the cycling tour. We can make arrangements for childcare and babysitting services. If you are traveling on a Custom/Private tour, Equipo requires notification if travelers are traveling with children.


We will do our best effort to ensure that the itinerary of your tour does not have to be altered. However, if an Event Outside Of Our Control occurs, we may not be able to follow our advertised itineraries or schedules. If any additional expenses are incurred through delay, accident or disruptions of planned itineraries due to Events Outside Of Our Control, we cannot compensate you for such expenses.


You hereby confirm and acknowledge that the bike you are traveling with, will be suitable for the tour, it is well maintained and in good condition; and you authorize Equipo for assembling, repairing and maintaining your bike during your tour. Unpacking, assembling and packing your bike after your arrival and before departure, the mechanics will take stock of your current bike’s conditions and do their best to notify you of any issues seen visibly. Equipo is not responsible for the bike’s welfare during travel.