What is your Cycling Fitness Level?

Equipo’s scheduled tours are designed to challenge. On our tours the standard mileage is greater while providing cyclists with lower-mileage options. Since our rides are fully supported with SAG vehicles, at any point, a cyclist can simply choose to ride the rest of the way inside the car. We lead with the challenge in mind, because the terrain and routes we have chosen are in fact meant to push the limits. Our comfort zones are all relative, especially if a cyclist is not accustomed to climbing in any sort of inclination or even training at higher elevations. So let’s describe here what we mean by riding levels:

An Advanced Cyclist:

The standard itineraries on advanced tours are geared for the experienced rider. These tours reach upwards of 400-plus miles per week and offer a great deal of climbing. With this said, Advanced-Intermediate (one level below) cyclists have enjoyed Advanced tours with Equipo. The Advanced rider is defined as a rider with previous week-long touring experience and who regularly rides upwards of 150 miles per week, has ridden hills and big mountain passes and can descend them.

Advanced Tours offer 350 to 550 miles week.

An Intermediate to Advanced Cyclist:

This level of cyclist is comfortable on a bike and has some multi-day touring experience. One month prior to a tour this cyclist should be able to ride several times a week at a strong pace, with rides equaling 50-75 miles a day, at times. This cyclist may have done some recreational races, and is accustomed to the group riding experience.

Intermediate to Advanced Tours offer 250 to 400 miles week.

An Intermediate Cyclist:

The intermediate cyclist generally has never ridden a multi-day tour. Eight to twelve weeks prior to the tour, an Intermediate cyclist should be able to ride 2 times a week equaling a total mileage of 100 miles or more. However, to build the mileage and fitness to move to higher advanced category, we can recommend starting a training plan. Contact us for more details if you would like to create a training plan customized for you and a tour designed to meet the a goal.

Intermediate Tours offer 150 to 300 miles per week.

Talk with us on building a custom tour for your group, club or team. Or turn any group date into a private tour. By choosing the custom option, Equipo will create an itinerary to suit your needs. For beginner cyclists, most of the cycling tours have shorter rides possible and we can accommodate the support you need to accomplish your goals.