COLOMBIA: The Way of the Uncommon

Hot, gooey, full of cheese and encrusted in flash-fried dough. You’re eating your trophy for climbing 82 km. What Colombians proudly call an “arepa”. Perfect with small holder-grown coffee. The kind you sampled on a plantation yesterday, freshly roasted and brewed by the owner solely for your Equipo experience in Colombia. “Hermosa” (beauty) is the world of the day. In competition with “logro” (accomplishment).

Colombia is a land where sultry Latin passions and verdant, dream-like mountain landscapes is fueling epic cycling and active and adventure travel. Colombia has experienced a rebirth, a Golden Era, as a must-see destination.

Explore: Quindío, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Boyacá or design you’re your own signature experience anywhere in the country from Bogota to Cartagena and Sierra Nevada

The high altitude and near-perfect climate, are just a few reasons that this South American gem offers active travelers the best, diverse travel experiences all year round – from hiking the tropical forests of Parque Tayrona to the riding in the cycling mecca of Antioquia. The Equipo experiences are designed to shatter any expectation you’ve carried of this magnificent tropical country.

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