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“The trip to El Eje Cafetero, Quindio, was incredible! Great challenging routes, experienced supporting guides, beautiful green mountain scenery with warm and friendly locals, great comradarie atmosphere, delicious tasty food, comfortable accommodations are among many things that stand out. But the highlights of the trip were the professionals in the organization and the opportunity to ride and share experiences along cycling pros, such as Colombian World Champion Cyclist Santiago Botero.”

Morris Mendel

 Morris Mendel Road Cycling Holiday in El Eje Cafetero, Quindio

"El viaje al eje cafetero fue excelente. La planificacion y ejecución pro parte de René hizo que nuestra experiencia fuese inolvidable. La alimentación nos llevo a sentirnos muy bien durante loas cuatro días que duró el evento. Por sobretodo la convivencia del grupo fue fenomenal."

Herman B. Rich

“Last March Rene Muñoz and his team took our Miami group "Beitzim " to the Zona Cafetera in Colombia on a splendid bicycle tour through the Colombian highland roads. The planning and execution was absolutely outstanding . The lodging and food aspects were carefully selected , making our journey enjoyable and comfortable. On the road, the support offered by this wonderful team was incredible in each and every way . They had a great team of mechanics who took care of our bicycles making sure they were clean and in top condition for the next day’s ride.

The group was comprised of various levels of cyclists and we always had someone riding with us . We even had professional Colombian cyclists on our side giving us advice and tips on how to make the ride easier . The support cars never left anyone alone and were always ready to provide drinks, energy bars or just cheering us .Overall it was a great experience and we had the opportunity of knowing this wonderful country and to ride a high-endurance tour. I am ready to participate any time in another exciting adventure with Rene and his professional team.
Thank you."

Martín Seidner

“We are a group of road cyclists who love the sport and try to get away twice a year for a nice cycling trip, preferably in the mountains (we live in Florida, so flat terrain is our daily routine). I contacted Rene Munoz from Equipo to discuss the possibility of organizing our spring trip in Colombia. Twenty five guys from our group ended up going in the trip. Every single detail and trip experience were outstanding: the professional friendly staff, the experienced road assistance, skillful mechanics, comfortable and nice lodging, delicious and healthy food, the impressive and beautiful scenery, challenging and awesome routes, the warmth and openness of the people both staff and locals, I can go on for lines and lines on describing how wonderful our trip was in all aspects. Our group has had the fortune to travel to many places to enjoy our cycling experience, including the Alps, Pyrenees, Appalachians, and I can tell you that this trip is ranked in the top 2 that we have done in the last 15 years. Rene's professionalism and devotion to his business combined with his staff and the beautiful and unique places that he took us are truly difficult to beat.”

Isaac Mendal

“In 2013 I was fortunate enough to live a life-long dream of riding in the beautiful mountains of Colombia.
Rene along with the team he put together made the experience one that I will cherish all my life.

Rene's relentless work ethic, attention to detail and ability to please 25 people from very different religions, nationalities and special needs showed everyone that he is the type of person that will succeed at anything he sets his mind to.

Rene was also very selective in whom he recruited to work with him and he could not have picked a better group of people! These guys were the first awake, last to go to bed and ALWAYS took into consideration SAFETY before everything.

Not one of us had a mechanical issue and they never left our side often helping those up a mountain that they would never be able to traverse on their own.

I look forward to going on another excursion with Rene! I'm just waiting to hear when and where!”

Juan Costa

Isaac Mendal Colombia Cycling holiday

“An excellent bike ride, much more than what my expectations had in mind, since a beautiful landscape to different demanding rides, like to climb Altos de Letras at 12,000 feet high with cold weather and some wind, to even riding bordering the Cauca River at 100 F degrees to finish with a not easy climb heading to beautiful Medellin. I highly recommend these tours.”

Charly Himmelstern

“Have you wondered what it's like to ride with guides who have won stages in the Tour de France, or ride in a country where cycling is king, or unwind in a beautiful hacienda surrounded by lush coffee trees, bamboo and palm? Rene’s attention to detail, his local contacts and his commitment to his clients made Colombia (with Rene) one of our top tours.”

Andrew Newman

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